About me

Why Koo style and not Kira Garfagnoli? Koo is “k” in Finnish, /kɔɔ/ and to me it’s just another way to say that here are projects done in my style, made with passion and I wanted to have a name that could be related to different things; to leave a door open to some new opportunities in the future.

Me, myself and IAbout meIt is always very difficult to write about yourselves. It can sound too big-headed or not confident enough, but let’s try! I’m half Finnish and half Italian and I have relatives living in different parts of the world. Maybe this is why I love to travel. I really think that my cultural background has influenced my taste in art and design and the way I live. With a good eye for detail and always very curious. I am often looking for things that can inspire me and I do a lot of research to see what other people do and how the market is changing. I particularly like working on graphic design or illustrations where creativity can be fully expressed. I love to paint, draw, work on craft projects and to learn something new whenever I can.

I think positively, have a great sense of humor and love to read, to cook and to decorate houses. Nature and animals are a source of great pleasure to me, as are my friends and people that I meet along  the way. Sociable, gregarious, easy-going. Discovering new places and routes. I’m a really hard worker, reliable and I have an inventive approach to life.

Welcome to my life.