Illustrations & Co

I have always been attracted to different forms of art and I think that Illustration is challenging. You have to summarise a concept in a few images or lines and It is not always so easy to interpret and to represent what you or someone else have in mind. But still this is one of the things I love to do. I have been working on digital illustration but I must say that I’ve always loved to work with paper, pencils, pastel etc. I guess that my childlike self is still alive in me, because I don’t mind at the end of the day having colours on my hands and face!

Adobe Illustrator – My animals

Adobe Illustrator – Cronor, online game

Coloured pencils on paper – “The three little men in the wood”, Grimm brothers

Acryilic on cardboard – Fairy tale children’s book illustrations

Watercolor and pastel pencils on paper

Watercolour and pastel pencils on paper  – Playing cards

Mixed media: Acryilic, sand, glue, paper – “The princess and the pea”, Hans Christian Andersen

Mixed media: Acryilic, sand, glue on paper – Children Calendar

Pencils on paper

Ink and watercolour on paper – The family

Illustrations for the Gym excercises programme